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    Hideo asano is a poet and writer read his haiku poems short stories and novels introduction

    現代美術家・彫刻家 淺野健一の公式Webサイト。日本の古典彫刻に触れた経験と、幼い頃から好きな漫画やゲームの影響から、古典技法とテクノロジーの融合をしている。ある行為で別の新しいものになること、それによりパワーを得ること。「傀儡、憑衣、一体化、コスプレ、装備、変身、禊、転生」 をテーマにしている。

    GOCOO are a bunch of female and male Taiko drummers from Japan / Tokyo who create with almost 40 Taiko drums on stage a fantastic music-spectacle beyond imagination. GOCOO's goose-bumps music takes anybody on a mesmerizing trip between trance and ecstasy - drumming down all borders between east and west, tradition and pop, rite and party. GOCOO creates a unique sound that became world-famous through the Matrix movies. /

    STUDIO 3 PIÈCES Graphisme & Direction artistique Studio 3 pièces est le fruit d’une collaboration entre Kinuko asano Amandine Delaunay et Mathilde Huron direction artistique design graphisme photographie illustration graphism photography illustration logo identité visuelle web design

    Discotek Media

    Selected Japanese natural sharpening stones Toishi Handmade by Best Blade smiths Japanese Knives Razors and Tools

    eric franck fine art 61 willow walk, london, se1 5sf

    the website of dirk deppey, former writer and editor for the comics journal, now a freelance writer and illustrator.

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