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ce site web est à vendre réunit des informations et annonces. nous espérons que vous y trouverez les informations que vous recherchez


cours de calligraphie moussawy calligraphe arabe irak iraq bagdad arabic calligraphydu calame encre, calame, et papier, c'est tous ce qu’il souhaite avoir un calligraphe pour dessiner la lumière et l’âme du mot savoir. il s’agit tracer son énergie, sa silhouette et son mouvement en lignes souple dansante. la calligraphie arabela calligraphie arabe est le plier des arts arabo-islamique. elle occupe une place de choix parmi les expressions artistique, picturales, manuelles et architecturales. sa


Best digital marketing Company in Erbil iraq, specializing in website design, social media, branding, and mobile app development services

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  The CMS Consulting Marketing Service GmbH, based in Germany with sales offices in iraq (Baghdad and Erbil), is able to provide the right product for you as a distributor from competent German and European companies.


iraqi J Hematol, Official publication of The National Center of Hematology/ Almustansiriya University,iraq


1001 Arabian World Network; morocco,libya,lebanon,kuwait,jordan,iraq,egypt,bahrain,algeria,yemen,uae,tunisia,syria,sudan,qatar,palestine,oman


Consumers for Peace - Boycott the Big Three Oil Companies: Exxon Mobil, BP and Shell. Call their Board of Directors and complain about their war profiteering. Learn about War Crimes, Church Visits and the Consumer


The iraq Writers sets to support the iraqi culture in the areas of Literature,Arts and Social Sciences in the atmosphere of democratic debates, discussions,social and creative changes in order to introduce the modern iraqi thinking and it's creativity in this era of open apportunities.


The iraq Museum's huge collection tells the epic story of human civilization, from the earliest settlements to the rise and fall of vast empires.


милитаримапс ★ карта боевых действий сирия украина днр лнр карабах ирак map syria ukraine dpr lpr iraq karabakh


Radio Islam informs in 26 languagues on Jewish power, Jewish racism and war mongering lies. Zionism, an extension of Judaism, is the most widespread form of racism known today! Radio Islam is also fighting for Freedom of Speech, the right to know the truth about the so-called 'holocaust' and the Jewish wars in Palestine, iraq, Lebanon.


shopini site is the largest e-commerce site in iraq, with more than 80,000 products from various categories including electronics, fashion, household products, watches, perfumes, etc


Erbil International Airport, is the main airport of Erbil city in the Kurdistan Region of iraq. It is administered by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)"


One Foundation, Many Efforts More about us A Sneak Peek on Vim Foundation Vim Foundation is an organization that was launched in 2019 in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan region of iraq. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that pinpoints society's gaps and fills those gaps through the best means, takes society into consideration, and acts upon the


is legit, Answer 1 of 180: By All means KEEP AWAY from WESTGATE. After returning to home from a tour in iraq, my wife and I bought into this nightmare. It is a money pit and a scam. We used it once had alot of problems... mainly what they sold us and what we actually get is...


Mustansiriya Med J, Official publication of Faculty of Medicine, Al-Mustansyriah University,iraq


Med J Babylon, Official publication of College of Medicine, Babylon University,iraq


Sections on 9/11, the Ukraine, NSA spying, the iraq War, Zionism, Waco, the CIA, psychedelics, the War on Drugs, censorship, human rights, climate change, capitalism, G.W.Bush and much more.


iraq oil & gas


download broken laws, broken lives, a report from physicians for human rights on medical evidence of torture by us personnel and its impact on former detainees in iraq, afghanistan, and guantanamo bay, who were never charged with any crime.


international human rights organisation


catholics for kerry 04 is a grassroots effort by catholics to support john kerry and john edwards in their bid for the white house at catholics for kerry 04 we believe in the sanctity of life but we also strongly believe in protecting the environment protecting american jobs women's rights helping the poor and homeless the right to unionize defending the constitution law and order defending the homeland ending an unjust war in iraq keeping our military strong and restoring america

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