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Quels sont les sites web sur greek ?

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official website of st. john the baptist greek orthodox church in euless texas dallas fort worth area , metropolis of denver, ecumenical patriarchate


The official website of yamas London greek Cuisine at 42 Camden High street! Food that speaks to the heart!




the official website of the greek orthodox patriarchate of antioch and all the east


The official web site of Gibrahayer, Cyprus Armenian community, this is the English section, we have Armenian Section as well. The official web site of Gibrahayer, Cyprus Armenian community, the site is available in English, greek and Armenian Languages


The official web site of Panhellenic Camping Association with all the authorized campsites operating in Greece as well as useful information related to your vacation.


This is the website for author Melanie J. McDonald, or writer Melanie McDonald, the author of Eromenos, a novel of Imperial Rome, historical fiction specifically about Antinous of Bithynia and the Roman Emperor Hadrian. The greek ephebe Antinous was the eromenos and Hadrian, the fourteenth emperor of Imperial Rome, the erastes in a relationship that was an unofficial gay marriage. Antinous traveled with Hadrian as part of the Imperial Roman court throughout Rome, Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt, and Africa, and met Roman and greek royals, philosophers, physicians, poets and writers including Plotina,Commodus, Sabina, Pancrates, Phlegon, Julia Balbilla, Marcellus Sidetes, Favorinus of Gaul, and Arrian of Bithynia. Hadrian had the greek youth Antinous deified after Antinous drowned in the Nile, and established a city in his memory, Antinoopolis, on the bank of the Nile where his body was found. Some speculate that the death of Antinous was a devotio suicide; others that it was murder; still others, that Antinous drowning was an accident. After his apotheosis, Antinous became one of the last pagan gods of antiquity, and his cult lasted for hundreds of years. This historical gay love story is considered part of pagan and Roman history. Eromenos by Melanie McDonald is published by Seriously Good Books, LLC, a small publisher of historical fiction.


The official and regularly updated most often weekly virtual home of the musical group known as The Cannanes ~ please enter then spread the word!


Nikko Patrelakis' official site with discography, video-art, photography, updates.

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learn the grammar and syntax of new testament greek. easy to understand biblicalgreek grammar and syntax for readers of english. grammatical explanations and other resources for learning greek. /span>

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